How Organic Farmers Fight Back Against GMO’s

There is little doubt that GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms are well and truly a big threat to our environment and to the way in which we have grown and cultivated groups. While there could lot of publicity surrounding the so-called benefits as far as GMOs are concerned, it still leaves a lot to be desired and there are reasons to believe that it has many gray areas and some serious health, biological and other issues that have been left unaddressed. However, at the end of the day, there is no doubt that there is a very powerful and rich lobby that is behind the nefarious objective of bringing in GMOs through the backdoor or through stealth if one would like to call it so. It, therefore, would be interesting as to how farmers who have faith in organic cultivation and growth are fighting a battle which at times looks very unequal and uphill to say the least.

Warning Of GMOs Trying To Enter Through The Backdoor

The biggest challenge is without any doubt the stealth and opaque methods used by the various trans-national companies who are hell bent on making GMO based crops and seeds as a way of life. It has been found that many so-called organic seeds supplies by these same multinational corporations have had significant traces of GMOs in them. This is where the challenge lies and farmers today are not willing to take it lying down. They are not willing to take the words of the multinationals for granted and are using all their power and resources at their disposal to fight this menace. They are taking recourse to the various NGOs and farming communities and having the seeds and plants tested in reputed laboratories to find out where exactly the truth lies. The alertness of the farmers and their having an ear to the ground is well and truly working quite well.

Regular Movements And Agitations

Another big challenge for farmers is the unholy nexus between these might multinationals and politicians, both in the ruling disposition and the opposition. Hence, farmers are often finding themselves up against powerful GMO lobbies which have the tacit support of the authorities. The best way to handle this mighty but immoral union is to bring in more public awareness. Farmers are exactly doing this and are holding demonstrations, workshops, and other such events. The main objective is to increase awareness about the real dangers of GMOs and also keep a close watch on some dubious entry through the back doors.

The Battle Has Just Begun

Though the farming communities have been able to thwart the nefarious designs of the MNC-politician nexus, the going is still tough and the journey has just begun. The challenge lies in expanding knowledge beyond farmer and making the general public involved. This is because GMOs could cause massive health hazards and if public opinions turn against it, then the battle would have been all but won. But it is still quite a distance away and calls for united, untiring and persevering movements at all levels and across the entire length and breadth of the country.