Increases in Obesity, Psoriasis, Eczema and More – Organic Farming vs. GMO’s

Organic farming is a form of agricultural method wherein farm communities relies on crop rotation, green manure, compost fertilizer, biological methods of pest control and cultivation of fertile soil to make it more productive thus yielding better produce. It also strictly limits the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, chemical-based plant grower, feed additives and GMO. Organic farming advantages is closely based on the standards set by IFOAM or International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement and it is also regulated and enforced by most nations worldwide.

This core value is very similar to what sustainable living is all about. That same basic principle applies to all organic farm communities and it affects everyone that is working together for this common goal of lessening the human impact to the environment. By following organic farming methods, our soil is protected from erosion and it strongly promotes biodiversity among plant, animal and smaller organisms as well. It may have its advantages and disadvantages but we believe it’s well worth it.

Some farmers would not adapt this kind of farming methods since organic farming is known to have lower yields. But since the population is getting more and more conscious of food safety due to health risks that some chemically contaminated produce can cause them, the demand is much stronger and people are willing to pay higher prices of organic ones. Are you willing to spend a few extra dollars to avoid baby eczema? Because of this, along with the decreased cost of production since no synthetic fertilizers are used, it creates higher profit for organic farmers. This also called the attention of some farmers to join and manage their own organic farmlands.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle in which a person reduces his or her impact to the environment by limiting their usage of the Earth’s natural resources and avoids further damaging it. Sustainable agriculture works the same and provides better organic food which is not only good for human consumption but also great for maintaining balanced ecosystem.

The term GMO is heard everyday, yet is unknown to most individuals. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, and can comprise of both genetically engineered plants and animals. They are developed through extensive experiments on the DNA of plants, animals, or bacteria. Such organisms are not considered safe in many countries including the UK, Japan and Australia. Like understanding the adverse effects of food items such as artificial sweeteners, the US population has also started realizing the potential dangers behind the concept.

With the emergence of genetically modified organisms (GMO), many consumers have been alarmed by the possible negative effects of such to human health though researches that have been done did not get concrete negative results. Still, we prefer avoiding chemicals and even switching to organic skin care brands.

Many claim that consuming GMO may be one of the cancer-causing factors. The presence of organic products has become the resort of most people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s certainly curious that eczema causes and eczema creams are closely related. Some products are known to have chemicals that can lead to the same condition they claim to cure. It’s important to stay educated on what you’re putting in your body and on your skin.

It has also created the same impression against processed goods like canned vegetables, fruits and natural skin care. Processed goods have preservatives which are also known factors to cause some diseases.

The use of unnatural fertilizers may offer fast results to many farmers as they guarantee high quality fruits and vegetables if used appropriately. However, their fertilizer actually has negative effects towards the soil. The soil becomes unhealthy in the long run, causing erosion and it also loses its natural nutrients. This becomes a serious problem to a land owner who will not be able to earn from unhealthy soil.

With organic farming, the use of artificial fertilizers is not practiced. This means that the soil’s health is well-guarded keeping it in its natural form, and in effect, it helps improve and maintain natural landscapes. Groundwater is also protected from any toxins and chemicals coming from artificial fertilizers.

It’s not wonder we’re seeing depression, obesity and skin conditions on the rise in dramatic fashion. Luckily a natural eczema treatment is easier than shedding tens of pounds. But living with psoriasis or eczema on hands, face or legs is not worth it either.

Like GMO, genetically modified crops are also prominently in use. Soy protein and corn starch are two of the products that can be considered genetically modified. It is said that almost 60% of the food items sold through grocery stores and supermarkets are genetically modified. Organic fruits and vegetables can be an exception to this. Livestock and fish are fed with foods that are genetically engineered. This is true for those that are not organic. Vegans are in great confusion, without knowing what is vegan and what is not. Anything tested on animals could mean it is not vegan. Researches reveal that genetically modified vegetables and fruits are tested on animals to create the desired effects in them. As a result, even such vegetables and fruits cannot be considered vegan.